Internet Music – Online Music and Radio Streaming For Your Hearing Pleasure

It cannot be helped, people are really into music. From the student who is reading up for his book reports, to the office worker slaving away at his desk job, they would want to have that background tunes to listen to accompany whatever they are doing. However, sometimes they do not have a copy of the CD of their favorite tune and have no way to listen to the songs that they want. This is where online music streaming can come in.

Online music streaming can be likened to the usual radio. However, instead of transmitting music through radio waves, the music is passed through by using an internet connection. There are various websites that offer online music. This ensures that music lovers of any kind of genre, from hip hop, R&B, alternative, to pop, would always have a way to listen to their favorite beats.

Online radio or music streaming works by having a website that offers to stream a certain music collection through the internet. True to the traditional radio format, these websites that provide music streaming could even have DJs and advertisements during their broadcasts. You could listen to these music through your computers, your portable music devices, or even dedicated gadgets for online music streaming as long as it has an internet connection.
There are many advantages when people use internet streaming. For starters it would help you avoid downloading pirated music. The collections of tunes that are sent through the streams are usually legal and are licensed by their parent companies. This is because internet streaming services offer listening without the listener actually owning the source file. Think about it, instead of purchasing individual songs through a music selling website or service, you could now listen to your song fix free of charge through the internet.

Online music streaming is also a boost for people who do not have large hard drives. This is because instead of having to download and store their songs, the music comes to them in real time. Lastly, online music streaming is helpful for people who do not have good reception for radio waves, such as those who are in the confines of their offices. Now, they would not have to worry about setting up their antennas because they could just use their internet connections for their tunes.

With this kind of service available, people would not have to slog through music free environments. Through their internet connected device, they have the option of transforming their boring workplace or even home, through a place filled with groovy music.

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Selecting and Clearing Music For Radio Commercials

Proper music selection and proper music clearance for radio commercials is an important step in the radio advertising process. Whether you are a radio station, an ad agency, a voice-over talent, or an independent production company it is imperative that you do a good job choosing the right music for your spot, as well as getting the proper music clearance for your project. Royalty free music libraries are a great place to start, as they have many different styles of music that can be previewed online.

Choosing the right song is typically the easy part. As you sit down to create your radio commercial, ask yourself the following question: “what is the mood that I need to support with my choice of music?” For example, if you are creating a public service announcement designed to tug at the heartstrings, your music choice should be emotional, mild, and slightly dramatic. On the other hand, if you are trying to sell the latest and greatest fitness equipment, you probably would want to steer the music toward some high energy, workout music. Ultimately, the music and the copy need to support each other. A radio commercial with well selected music can bring a far greater return than one that is put together without a lot of thought given to the production music.

For most people, proper music clearance is a bit more complicated than selecting your music. For example, if a radio commercial is read as a “live spot” on the air, the station can use almost any music in the background that is covered by their ASCAP or BMI licenses. The key here is that the music is not repeated consistently, or used so frequently as to be construed as theme music for that particular radio commercial.

On the contrary, most radio commercials are produced once for multiple broadcasts. Regardless of who is producing the radio commercial or where it is being produced, proper music clearance is a vital step in staying on the right side of the law. When you synchronize a piece of music with your commercial, you will need to get music clearance from the owners or representatives of that musical work (the music publisher) and of the owners of the master recordings (sometimes the publisher, sometimes the record label, sometimes the artist, etc.). Royalty free music libraries are a great place to start because they can typically grant full music clearance on both the musical work (copyright) and master recordings.

If you are hiring someone to create your radio commercial for you, the responsibility for the music clearance typically falls on the radio station, ad agency, or production company who actually creating the spot for you. It is always a good policy to discuss music clearance with them to make sure everyone is on the same page.

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